Saturday, March 15, 2014

Song Sung Blue

I’m feeling a little sad today, about odd things—
  • thinking of the old song “Song Sung Blue”
  • seeing pink blossoms (crabapple, I’d guess?)
  • spotting the Bandelier trail map in my car door
  • selecting from French cheeses
  • a ten-week old black Lab puppy
  • hearing the opera of Werther, the Goethe novel I read in graduate school
  • seeing pictures of the ribbons of light at Grace Cathedral
  • making enchiladas (sloppy California ones, instead of authentic New Mexico ones)
  • remembering birthdays I’m late for

In a short-short I’m writing, the heroine gets weepy at a bunch of things, “which snuck up on her unawares.  Passing a dance studio (all those graceful, talented, and self-assured young girls).  Seeing an old white-nosed Golden Retriever lay its head trustingly on its owner’s knee.  A mild reproach from an older colleague at work.  An unexpected hole in one heel of her favorite pair of knee socks, given her two Christmases ago by her mother.  A valiant little vapor trail petering out to nothing in the evening sky.  Even a tin of bay leaves at Safeway—exactly like the one she’d bought to make jambalaya with sausages and red peppers and chicken thighs for Joey’s 40th birthday.”

My mother would relish her “Mad” Days, when she thoroughly enjoyed being mad at the world; and I find being sad is often a real treat.  Mindfulness would tell me that sadness is neither right nor wrong, just my teacher for today.

image:  Anne Patterson, Graced by Light


  1. you are the strangest mixture.
    a little guru for sure.
    a sensualist.
    a gourmand and gourmet.
    a colorist. ~ as in a colorist of life's bountiful art in all things
    a describer par excellence
    which means you're also a good. really really good. writer.

  2. That's our shared Gemini nature, Tammy J! Thank you so much; I'm always grateful for your comments.