Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pancake Day

Happy Shrove Tuesday—Pancake Day in England, since 1445!  My cousin wonders whether the Lutherans will be having a lefse roll . . .

Read about the tradition below, and get into the act or at least make a little batch of pancakes, tossed or no.  I like the looks of these Irish pancakes with apple and bacon, though my favorites (sorry, Dad, despite your childhood sourdough "Jefferson Airplanes" made in the shape of a simple plane) were the lemon and ricotta pancakes in Sonoma last fall.  Here's one recipe for those.

images:  Pancake Day and Pancake Race, English 4U


  1. um....
    do eggos count?
    on second thought...
    don't answer that.
    she ashamedly says as she pops one into the toaster.
    i will go now.
    now that you know my terrible secret.
    i eat eggos.
    but i LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  2. Hey—nothing wrong with Eggos! Just enjoy.