Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Calm

Happy Friday!

Our thought for today: 
“Silence Has A Sound....”
—Muhammad Imran Hasan 
Let us be very, very still, and try to hear what it’s saying to us.

image:  Yehuda Edri


  1. At the end of "Miserere", Pavarotti repeats three times: "A volte, la migliore musica e' il silenzio (sometimes, silence is the best music".

    1. I love that, thank you, and I must check out "Miserere." In my artist's statement I just wrote about the sound of the temple bell that just goes on, silently, in the inner ear. A kind of non-sound that is like your constant awareness of the non-Twin-Towers, and kind of continual silent sounding too, a tremendous absence. And now, in our yard, a similar shadow of two non-pine trees, chopped down, that is a silence too. What's the name in music? A threnody?

  2. i've tried to be silent.
    i've tried to be calm.
    now i just want to know that you're okay.
    you don't have to write a post.
    just check a box.
    i can't make a boxes.
    just not used to you being THIS silent.

  3. So very sorry—I did not mean to worry you, dear Tammy. Too busy getting ready for my business trip; celebrating an important family birthday; and writing my artist's statement for a deadline. Poor blog got b(l)ogged down. Thank you for caring.