Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading Terminal Market

An all-too-brief visit to one of my favorite haunts, Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market, which inspires not just hunger for their local and imported products, but laudatory poems.

Today what caught my eye and nose and tastebuds was this bounty—
  • pink tulips
  • healing herbs
  • bags of mint to grow in a windowsill
  • artisan grilled cheese (from Valley Shepherd Creamery)
  • handmade soaps (elaborately carved)
  • snapper soup
  • flower seeds
  • caffe-latte-colored eggs
  • goat cheese croissants
  • chocolate covered bacon
  • the cookbook shop
  • Provence tablecloths

I see I wrote about the market once before, four years ago, besides the poems.  And there’s much more to read and enjoy at the Philly Food Lovers’ Blog, link below.

image:  cicada French linen, Contessa’s, Philly Food Lovers Blog


  1. so glad you're well and just very busy and still at making

  2. And I'm all the better for having time to write again, and for being among friends!