Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nouns of Singularity

Not collective nouns, but nouns of singularity—

a conspiracy of red
a shock of chartreuse
a lull of blue
a drenching of silver
a warmth of yellow
a rumination of brown
an oblivion of black
an evasion of white
an abandon of purple
a generosity of green
a pragmatism of khaki
a hush of copper
an impetuosity of scarlet
a clairvoyance of turquoise
a noblesse oblige of gold
a verbosity of orange
a chastity of gray
a fragility of fawn
a smouldering of burnt umber
a quintessence of apricot
a taunt of pink
a normality of navy
a philosophy of plum
a rhapsody of raspberry
a distress of beige
a glee of stripes
a circus of polka dots

image:  Il Papiro marbled paper


  1. I understand why black is oblivion, but why is verbosity orange? Or shouldn't philosophy be light blue?

  2. That may well be the wrong word for orange. I’d thought “outspokenness” at first, but that’s a clunky word, and the particular shade I’m thinking of definitely does like to make a statement. And I somehow prefer a reverie of light blue?