Saturday, April 13, 2013


Oh, how I want this window!

Windows are our way of negotiating the outside and the in-.  They are the space—the interface—where we decide moment to moment whether to travel out, whether to let things (and which things) into our private sanctum, the rooms where we think, write, live, breathe. 

They’re places of possibility.  Of yearning.  Of hesitation, and off-putting.  Sometimes, shuttered, of refusal.  Of negation.

Windows like this one draw us, offer daydreams, embody peace, the sun-struck happiness of being where we are.


  1. an open window.
    i need it like I need food and water.
    this is lovely... what you say about them.
    i went from a houseful ~ to one.
    but it is a large one. and it is precious to me.
    maybe all the more
    simply because it's one.

  2. That one all-important window! I’m reminded of the hero of The Charterhouse of Parma, who is in prison in the Farnese Tower but perfectly happy because out his window he can see the commandant’s daughter tending her caged birds. And love ensues.