Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Against the Harmful Spirits

My charms today against the harmful spirits of my daily round:
  • this simple glass of flowers with one feather (for flight, the flight of seasons and of birds, their winged auguries)
  • a string of Venetian glass beads (for being rooted in the wonder of the world as I know it, the wondrous time-charged places where I’ve been, the beauty I hold inside me)
  • the remembrance of a hill in the canyon covered in juniper and piñon (a haven of memory, the place I come from and return to when I’m ME)
  • a favorite pale blue cotton sweater with a little pocket
  • the etched sea glass, a present from a friend, that murmurs peace

image:  Miele Tè e Dolce Lavanda


  1. as katie told hubble . . . in the way we were ~
    "i love the way you write."