Monday, April 22, 2013

stream of consciousness

A graybeard
with a sheaf
of blue iris
gladdens my morning,

and then, delicious,
a slightly charred panini
with caramelized shallots,
lots of arugula pesto,
and farmer’s cheese

chores of the best sort:
arranging spring flowers,
washing a few dishes,
making two pots of tea,
charging my camera batteries,
picking up the latest Montalbano from the library.
looking for two old poems I’ve been reminded of,
mailing letters and Matisse postcards

stopping by the produce market
for green beans (which I don’t buy),
a rough-skinned melon soft to touch (but with almost no flavor, after all),
some tarragon, apples,
a round squat loaf of olive bread
to go with the small piece of cheese I picked up
at a whim:  Urgelia Cadi, creamy and pungent,
from the Spanish Pyrenees

slicing potatoes for poulet bonne femme
with tarragon and pearl onions,
baby carrots, lemon zest, and a bay leaf

and tomorrow I’ll make a quinoa salad
with chicken and feta, radicchio,
red onion, and pine nuts;

and the next day
pasta (whole wheat shells)
with Italian sausage and arugula—

and there’s my week arranged.

image:  Christie B. Cochrell, spring flowers


  1. I love the bitter backtaste of arugula pesto! I used to make it so often during nice summer days, picking fresh arugula from my mom's veggie garden!
    You brought me back to the good old times!

    1. You should make some again, Jay. And I should learn how.

      Have a good week, remembering those good old times.

  2. well.
    i want to come to your house to eat.
    another poem about the common glories of life.
    it's like reading a painting by bonnard.

    1. You would always be welcome to a Bonnard dinner or picnic, Tammy J!