Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Calm: Crossing Bridges

Water, air, wood (or sometimes single stepping-stones)—a combination of elements enabling passage.

Bridges I remember offhand are
  • a little one at Bandelier, on the hike up to the Ceremonial Cave (before the long ascent on cottonwood ladders)
  • the Roman aqueduct at Il Pondel, about which I have written endlessly
  • the Turkish aqueduct full of nesting ravens near Knossos on Crete
  • the handsome Brooklyn Bridge
  • many fine bridges in Paris
  • the golden Ponte Vecchio
  • the breathlessly high-arched bridge in the Japanese tea garden
  • a beautiful bright red bridge in Hilo, where old Chinese
    women fish with nets early mornings in the flat tidal pools
  • the Delgado Street Bridge in Santa Fe, under which atomic bomb secrets were given to the Russians (or so the story goes)
  • and then this bridge and quote from Tom Stoppard

image:  The Beauty of Arts     

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