Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ten Favorite Things of the Year

  • meeting my three good high school friends again, in Santa Fe
  • making the acquaintance of smoked sage margaritas and Kakawa spicy hot chocolate
  • walking the labyrinth at Ghost Ranch
  • all of John O’Conor’s late Mozart piano concertos
  • sfogliatelle from La Biscotteria
  • my purple kilim pillows from Turkey
  • listening to Mozart at Glyndebourne, after walking in the gardens there in view of distant sheep
  • the walled garden in Pisa with its vibrant green shutters, orange tree, and cat
  • our pilgrimage to Puccini’s villa
  • every day with my innamorato, soulmate, and friend

image:  Golden Morning, Evolver Social Movement, Andriy Semenovych


  1. well.
    you are on my list of ten things.
    and oh . . . to have walked the very floors that puccini walked!
    and that you call your soulmate your innamorato.
    my romantic heart beats a little faster!
    thank you for another year of sheer beauty in words and pictures. ♥

  2. Thank you so much for sharing my year. You, too, are a favorite, dear Tammy J!