Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Earthy Brown Mushrooms

Feeling rather better here.  The tree is up (straight and sturdy!) and has our favorite ornaments on it and smells deliciously of Noble Fir.  I’ve got the Whiskey Sour Balls stirred up, and they have just to be rolled into shape, four dozen of them.

A big storm is coming, they say, so I’ve got things laid in to eat in case we lose our power.  Eggs hard-boiled for egg salad, a giant can of tuna and one of diced green chili (one of my favorite combinations), some Genoa salami, smoked cheddar, hummus and avocado, and before long a sausage pizza with a cornmeal crust.  Nothing better than cold pizza!  But in the morning I’ll make the egg muffins too; I’ve caramelized some onions for those, sauteed mushrooms, and roasted multi-colored baby peppers.  There’s mint in the garden, and marjoram.  Of course I’ve got enough emergency provisions for a whole week, or more!  The makings for sangria, too, with lots of fresh oranges.  And Whiskey Sour Balls for the third week…  Nothing like weathering a storm in style.

A lovely older woman found me poring over brown mushrooms at Draeger’s, and was as delighted as I with their robust round earthy mushroom nature.  She told me about going out and picking mushrooms like that in New York somewhere, when she was growing up.  It made my shopping special to have her share that with me.

So the season’s shaping up again.  The purple carnations and fir branches help too, giving the kitchen another moment of intense color.

image:  Christie B. Cochrell, Dove Ornament


  1. WOW!
    a little like being weather bound in a gorgeous little inn with a superb chef in charge of survival! LOL.
    as usual. you NEVER disappoint. xo

  2. The reality, unfortunately, is more like Fawlty Towers! The lovely egg muffins stuck to the pan, so the results are much like scrambled eggs. But onwards ho (ho ho)!

  3. HAHAHA!
    you didn't have to admit that here.
    that says you're human like the rest of us after all!
    and you have a GRAND sense of humor too! LOL.
    ho ho ho!
    happy egg and nog dear bean.