Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Karma

With this lovely picture I’m try to improve my Christmas karma, which started out so well with the carols on Saturday (some wonderful new things like John Rutter’s “What Sweeter Music” and Otto Goldschmidt’s “A Tender Shoot”), but then fell apart yesterday.  The Christmas tree lot nowhere to be seen; the tree I chose arguing with its stand and then the stand leaking all over the living room carpet and some inherited linens I had in the wicker chests I’d set it on; and then the tree not fitting in our other stand, and toppling over, and over.  As a result I got no baking done, though I’d wanted to make some whiskey sour balls with orange juice concentrate and coconut and bourbon.  And no cards, and no writing.

But thinking positively has helped.  The Christmas tree is up, finally.  I’ve put the lights and favorite ornaments on it, including two glass balls (La Traviata, and a Tuscan bird) which we bought in Lucca in a most tempting pottery shop.

Now we’ve got trout baking for dinner, and yellow cherries in a bowl.  I believe things are coming ’round.

image:  Photos prises au Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte par Denise Jacobs, créatrice de France d'art et de lumière

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