Saturday, September 20, 2014


Things that are going away: 
  • Today’s three morning glories, now at sunset
  • my sheet music for the Beethoven sonatas (only three of which I’ve ever played)
  • the last of the pale green melon
  • some shirts from 1986
  • a sage pottery dish from Father Frank Prieto, “Santa Fe salsa priest”
  • a Provence and an Umbria cookbook
  • the droopy Stanford cow (plush)
  • my just-uncovered rock with crystals and fool’s gold (stolen by squirrels?  an outlier magpie?)
  • a card with drenched yellow and blue fabrics, to carry blessings and apologies
  • summer

Am I the better for all of this clearing?  Not noticeably so… 

But coming back on things I had forgotten (in myself as well); touching base or various old touchstones. 

Amazed at how much stuff I have; how blessed I’ve been.

image:  taillights, the long way home diaries

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