Sunday, September 21, 2014

Midsummer and After

Making Moroccan lamb salad for a picnic before A Midsummer Night’s Dream (beyond the mid-, and waking from the dream).  Lamb in cumin, coriander; fresh-picked mint; crumbled feta (tasting of Crete); dry cured black olives; a yoghurt dressing with a smidgen of harissa.

And then recollections of other travels:  toasted almonds with herbes de Provence; a little piece of fontina d’Aosta; a half bottle of Chianti Riserva; raspberries which make me long for good Devonshire cream.

Wearing my Thoreau Sauntering Society t-shirt, which reminds me both of Walden Pond and Aunt Nola (who loves a good saunter).

Little mysteries in the patio:  leaves swept in; leaves swept off again.  The missing rock.  The first golden-crowned sparrow of the fall, coming from where?

image:  Edward Robert Hughes, Midsummer Eve

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