Saturday, September 13, 2014

Glass Pumpkins and Walking Sticks

In desperate need of enchilada sauce with lots of cumin and oregano, and pinto beans (the vitamins that keep my old New Mexican bones healthy and my spirit singing), I dash off to the store on the back road before the light goes.

I also pick up dark roast coffee; crystallized ginger and lemon scones; and a small wedge of smoked cheddar.  And on the way home I am cheered by a glass pumpkin festival, a Salieri aria, an old man with a walking stick heading along the road into the last of the day's sun (reminding me of an old friend who carved a stick of olive wood for his wife on the final trip they made to Greece, though the seas were too rough to get to Santorini), and a greyish terrier waiting with comely patience while his walker finished a phone call.

Everywhere, blessings.

image:   Glass Pumpkin, Smithsonian

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