Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Perhaps a Singing Bird

"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come."
(Chinese proverb)

Oh what a happy thought!

And oddly enough, I think the singing bird I’d choose would be a mockingbird.  Clown though he might be, and maddening outside one’s window in the middle of the night, he’s always so enormously bighearted—not just in those unquenchable outpourings of sound, but in the way he drives off predators from other kinds of birds less able to protect themselves.

Another demonstration of bird largesse that amazed me a week or two ago was seeing a blue jay (again one might think raucous and uncouth) attacking time and time again the net in which a small bird like a wren or finch was trapped, and eventually releasing it.


  1. I LOVE that blue jay! a real hero!
    actually i've always loved the birds others find ... well you might say ... less desirable.
    i like the little 'commonfolk' sparrows in their tweed suits and black hats. and the way the starlings walk around instead of hop. they look like little meandering black cows grazing on the grass!
    wonderful post christie.
    and the old proverb... perfect!

  2. Thanks for these great descriptions: they make me smile.