Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Color Therapy

I need to get some color into our patio, though the summer heat and dryness seems to bleach it all out mercilessly.  One thing I like the idea of a lot is the huge Turkish carpet which my friend in Mallorca had laid outside on the main terrace of her renovated windmills, softening the stone or concrete.  (We'd lie on it on our backs at midnight, after a ten o'clock paella or tumbet, and good dry white local Moscato, picking out the constellations.)

I'd also love one of these bright patio awnings, to create the shade that isn't there.

But in the meantime the quails flow through (eleven babies late last week, another six this morning) past the feet of St. Francis and his small water basin, and the Greek flag hangs cheerily over Shiva, while the Provence tablecloths brighten evening supper.

image:  Whimsical Gardens


  1. yum!
    you always take me somewhere.
    and i like the trip. and the company.
    and the budget! LOL