Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Calm: Feeling Blue

Feeling blue—

My mother used to enjoy having “mad days,” when she could be just plain old mad at everything and everyone.  She found them very satisfying.

And I can see that “blue days,” days of feeling blue, can be a pleasure too—when the blue is this, luring and deep and with a little boat.

At the meditation retreat I went to in February, one of the other participants said wisely “sadness is our birthright.”  And after a day of silence, reflection, nurturing, sadness had welled up, profoundly, and had come to seem a privilege, a gift.  Not something to be avoided, but something to be cherished.  An important part of being.

If the choice, though, is to escape the blues, the Huffington Post suggests these mood-enhancing foods:
oranges and papaya (for their colors too)
salmon (fish oil)
saffron (known in tradition Persian medicine and Tibetan healing)
St. John’s wort
whole wheat English muffin with jam (simple and complex carbs)

And some cheering activities can be found here.

But if, with me, you want simply to be with blue, that blue, the blue that becomes us, the blue that we become, here is a poem to keep us there on this blue Friday.

In a Net of Blue and Gold

When the moored boat lifts, for its moment,

out of the water like a small cloud—

this is when I understand.

It floats there, defying the stillness to break,

its white hull doubled on the surface smooth as glass.

A minor miracle, utterly purposeless.

Even the bird on the bow-line takes it in stride,

barely shifting his weight before resuming

whatever musing it is birds do;

and the fish continue their placid, midday

truce with the world, suspended a few feet below.

I catch their gleam, the jeweled, reflecting scales,

small dragons guarding common enough treasure.

And wonder how, bound to each other as we are

in a net of blue and gold,

We fail so often, in such ordinary ways.

—Jane Hirshfield
From: Of Gravity & Angels, Wesleyan University Press, 1988

image:  Collage Art (Yehuda Edri)


  1. i think of audrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's ~ and "the mean reds."
    unlike the blues...
    i think the blues are better. the poem lovely.
    the picture breathtaking. you even make feeling sad better!
    have a blue and gold and wonderful anyway weekend.

  2. I do like "the mean reds"! You too have a good week, whatever color.