Thursday, June 27, 2013

Joies de Vivre: Iced Coffee

I am reminded how much I like iced coffee, though for some reason I never remember to look for it.

In Germany, the eiskaffee, made with strong coffee, ice cream, whipped cream, and grated chocolate, isn't to be scoffed at either.  I remember it from my first trip to Europe, many memories ago.

An Italian affogato is essentially the same, though made with more gelato than espresso.

Summer days, summer travel, sitting at a little cafĂ© table on some charming square . . . and then the earthy aroma and flavor of coffee, ice cold.  There's a perfect itinerary.

To be accompanied by another favorite book, The Mystery Roast, by Peter Gadol.  Great summer reading, about coffee and Cycladic figurines.

image:  Iced Coffee, Craving Comfort

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