Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sitting Down a Lot

The Great Outdoors, to me, does not mean ten mile hikes up challenging mountains, with water and protein bars strapped on my back and heavy boots laced on my feet.  Instead, it speaks to me of a lovely sidewalk cafĂ© at which I can sit, near an amiable bookstore, with notebook and iced flamingo chai, or tables such as these aging French bistro tables in the (domesticated) wilds of my own garden.

My attitude is much like that of Colette, who writes with great wisdom 
The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time.

image:  Christie B. Cochrell, Writing Tables


  1. I think that's also the great outdoors for me!
    Lovely picture. You have a nice garden. Although the two aging bistro tables seem to be saying "Mow the lawn!", haha!

  2. Mowing lawns is too much like taking hikes...