Thursday, June 28, 2012

Places I Would Rather Be

Barefoot, in this lovely, shady yard.  Eating plums and reading Colette.

image:  Therese Nicolas


  1. How lovely is that?
    That's a place I would rather be too, eating plums, and cherries, and apricots, and almonds, with a cup of smoking green tea, or cold lemon tea. If I think that, back in Europe, I used to visit a dear friend of mine, and we'd spend hours (in the summer) sitting in his garden, which is pretty much as cozy as this one, if not more, and talk for hours.
    Ah, how sweet and lulling remembrance can be...

  2. Jay—
    Gardens remembered are indeed the sweetest. I often linger in mind and spirit in the shade of the cottonwood tree in the backyard of my childhood home, safe in the love of my parents and the perfect coolness of the dappled leaf-shadow, where time ran ahead of me as generous as a deep green river, never to be doubted...
    Thanks for stopping to talk for awhile. Enjoy the weekend.