Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ode to June

To the Cherokees, June is Da tsalunee, the Green Corn Month.

To me, in my memories of childhood, June was always the month of spiritual abundance, a gift of time (with school over; no work required of me until late in highschool; horseback riding at Bishop’s Lodge to look forward to, on my favorite palomino, on cottonwood-shaded trails), the month when I could come out barefoot in the morning and find the doors open, the sunlight mellow all throughout the house, the sound of sprinklers on the lawns in front and back (days of abundant water as well), and maybe a wealth of just-cut Peace roses in a low glass bowl on the dining room table.

Appropriate, then, that this is the month named for Juno, goddess of the well-being of women.  I still feel happiest, most full of energy, this time of year.  Maybe because it is my birthmonth too, and has my mother’s name?  So many reasons to celebrate it.

(And now, I see, June has become Goat Trauma Awareness Month!)

Enjoy my month for whatever gifts it gives you.

image:  Peace Roses, Blissfully Domestic

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