Thursday, January 8, 2015

Places I Would Rather Be

I am comforting myself with images of medieval cloisters and their limestone saints, the anticipation of tilapia tacos spiced with cumin and griddled cornmeal gorditas, a mystery written by A.A. Milne before Winnie the Pooh, my new hooded bathrobe, the presence of birds in the winter trees, some sandalwood shampoo, and an indulgent bag of Fritos tasting of childhood.

Soon the work-world will have engulfed me again, but I am seizing on these promises of salvation among the swarm of other things clamoring frantically for attention.  They are the quiet place where I will go when I need to remind myself of what is real and true and necessary.

image: Mosteiro de Alcobaça, Portugal, Lela Costa, Arte clásico, medieval y renacentista


  1. starting the year with the wisdom of berry and milne and the taste of fritoes and the image of a medieval cloister . . .
    it is so like you.
    and i'm smiling as i crunch a companionable frito myself.

  2. Here's to a year of companionable Fritos! And smiling out loud.