Sunday, January 25, 2015

Old Roses, Birds, or Bells?

If I decide to self-publish some books, according to the lessons of yesterday’s class, one of the first things I will need to do is come up with a name for my press that lets the world know what I am and what I write.  At the moment my favorite thoughts are Tortuga, Bel Canto, Euphoria, Dog Star, or Cottonwood; birds:  Kestrel, Egret, Sandpiper, or Junco; colors:  Cerulean, Viridian, or Terracotta; old garden roses:  Alba, Gallica, Eglantine, or Rosa Mundi; Calliope (the muse) or Blue Iris (the flower); New Mexican memories:  Acequia, Abeyta, Blue Corn, Tsankawi, Petroglyph, or Piñon; Sage or Crabapple; Estuary or Oxbow; Andante or Adagio.  Or further bells (playing with my middle name):  Carillon, Belltower, Bluebell, Bellagio, Campanile.  These could all be Press or Publishing or Books, though preferably Press in most cases.

I can tell this venture is stalled already!  This is only step #1, and the fun part . . .

image:  Arti et Veritati, Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade


  1. what FUN!
    and what a neat thing to do.
    i read it all twice and then just took what spontaneously appeared in my mind. LOL.
    but in case you should want to know...
    it was belltower press...
    a cerulean calliope of pinon and the magic of euphoria.
    well. you asked.
    oh wait!!! NO YOU DIDN"T! LOLOL.
    but yes. it is fun. can't wait to hear more. xo

  2. I do love your choice for me! How could I refuse?! Thank you, as ever.