Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trust Movement

Trust only movement.  Life happens at the level of events not of words.  Trust movement.
—Alfred Adler

I’m down to just a few things on my desk:  a cup of shells (from what ocean?), two beaded necklaces, a sheet of packing box labels.  August’s calendar.  Computer.  Plants.  The poster of the Navajo Dye Chart from eleven years ago when we moved here, off campus.  A quarter.  Some lichen-green post-its and a pen. 

It comes to this.

I’m trusting that this movement out, away, will bring me up on some outrageous, wondrous shore, calling me forth to new adventures of the spirit.

image: Matala, Marc Para


  1. i would be more than happy to give you tips on wonderful places to go in your new city...

    1. That will be great, Leslie—thanks so much.