Sunday, August 4, 2013


I am panicking, realizing that I’ve got to go to Santa Cruz on Tuesday, New York on Friday.

Instead, I want to
  • made gorditas
  • (little char-striped masa harina rounds) on the griddle
  • write a poem about a kestrel
  • find a striped sail to hoist across the patio for shade, and under it a richness of geraniums
  • have a garden party and eat out by candelabra-light, or fairy lights and moon-like paper lanterns strung in all the trees (if only there were trees)
  • plant a blue and pink garden
  • bicycle to work
  • paint the bathroom plum and paper white
  • make a fish stew with harissa
  • get all my writing, in it its ice-green folders, into magazine files in my wooden cabinet
  • reread The Charterhouse of Parma
  • make a Greek salad every day, with summer tomatoes and Mt. Vikos feta with mint and oregano

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