Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Contrast

I’m making a lovely zucchini tian, with thyme and eggs and gruyère cheese, in the teal and earth-colored pottery soufflé pan. 

I wanted to go outside to sit and enjoy the cool evening air while this all baked into our dinner, but the garden—the hot patio with weeds—is too much of a disaster to stand.  Or sit and look at.  I’ve been revelling on Tumblr in rose gardens and Mediterranean terraces with glimpses of the sea, and (as always) reminiscing about Mallorca, this time of year; and the contrast is just too bleak.  My secret garden is just in my head, or on the screen.

But tonight is Verdi night, this year of his 200th anniversary, and I will plan for amiable things ahead.  And enjoy the tian, in just twenty minutes!

image:  The Beauty of Arts

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