Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Further Cheer

I feel like young Scrooge at school during the winter break, toiling on abandoned and unloved while all my mates are off frivoling (my favorite invented word) and making the most of the season's fun.  My most frantic time of year at work, this is, which makes me way behind on Christmas cards—especially now that I don't fly to Kona for the holidays and have that nice five-hour flight in which to get them all written—and cranky in general.  There is no chance to catch my breath and sit down with my new book, Mary Gordon's Home, and a peppermint latte or Flamingo Chai, in a precious patch of sunlight, and get my balance and my inner life back.

But instead of a "Bah humbug!" I send forth a Chagall angel making music to woo a little gladness from these grumpy, grudging times.

image:  Chagall, Angel on blue (glass)

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