Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Thought for the day:   light.

I love this —“where light goes.”  Both the words and the painting of the gathering-in last light.

I love too the moods of light in Edward Steichen’s photography, like these sheep made quietly luminous by the distant rising of the moon.

We are ourselves reduced to the false flames of an electric fireplace (without the fragrance or gentle crackling of piñon), and yet it’s cheering.  As is the thought of willow branches hung with little firefly-like lights, an offering from the Acorn catalog.

And here, by whatever light is available, are some words on light by Mary Oliver—
The Society of Saint John the Evangelist is housed in a building of stone and light.  The stone is patient, the light which enters is transcendent, partly because it is the nature of light to be so and partly because of the attention with which it is greeted by the brothers who live here and their many visitors.  It gives, as is also its nature, both repose and energy.

image:  Edward Steichen, Pastoral – Moonlight , 1907

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