Friday, January 8, 2016

Naming My Days

On days given almost wholly to writing and rain-contemplation, it is nonetheless telling to consider the names of the documents I've recently opened:
. Ungodly Romans (most recent Mallorcan mystery)
. Where Do I Want to Live
. Deciding
. Become a Lake
. Tassajara Yellow Split Pea Soup (releasing its fragrance even as we speak)
. Wild Rice, Farro, Tangerine Salad
. for a winter breakfast
. Spicy Lamb and Eggplant
. Whole Cloth (penultimate Mallorcan mystery)
. History as the Painter Bonnard (Jane Hirschfield poem)
. Pre-Raphaelites

image:  Pierre Bonnard, Dining Room in the Country, and WordItOut Word Cloud 58

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