Wednesday, January 13, 2016

If I Had Curtains

Feeling unsettled this morning, I am soothed/smoothed by my wooden measuring spoons, by the idea of baking scones, by some spicy Kakawa hot chocolate in my small charcoal-gray pottery mug, by woolen socks, by the Goudy Old Style font with generous serifs.

Yesterday was sunshine and late breakfast on an outside patio next to a favorite bookstore, but today is gray and rainy and I've promised to go out later, despite that, bundling up.  If I had curtains to draw I'd draw them, build a fire, settle with the dog, play Telemann, and lose myself in the biography of some Italian saint I would be writing, full of local color (old gold and antique garnets handed down from a great-aunt who traveled once to Turkey before returning to Boston to work in the map room and make clam chowder on Fridays with cob-smoked bacon and fresh thyme).

images:  Saffron Marigold

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