Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Calm: Gratitude

What I’m grateful for today:
  • the blossoming fruit trees
  • a gift of coffee beans
  • the promises of Friday
  • al fresco cocktails with coworkers
  • my lambswool sweater
  • favorite comfy jeans
  • aromatic wood lotion
  • walnut flaxseed bread with white Vermont cheddar
  • my old Thesaurus
  • batik bag to hold my edited pages
  • rosemary
  • wooden benches dappled with sun
  • John O’Conor’s piano recordings
  • a free weekend
  • my healed heel
  • my hooded bathrobe
  • getting the griping out of my system
  • junkos
  • Gaston de La Touche
  • everything calm, calming, calmed 

image:   Pardon Breton, Gaston de La Touche

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