Friday, February 14, 2014

Over the Moon

I love the names given to moons of different months.  (And yes, I’ve always loved Pogo, which my dad loved before me.)

Today’s full moon, the February moon, is known most commonly as the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Ice Moon, or Hunger Moon.

But in addition it’s been called the Snow-blinding Moon by the Micmac people in eastern Canada; the Wind Moon by the San Ildefonso of the Southwest; and the Blackbear Moon by the Kutenai of the Northwest.

Further names, according to Keith’s Moon Page, include:
Budding Moon (Chinese)
Bony Moon (Cherokee)
Little Famine Moon (Choctaw)
Moon of the Raccoon, or Moon When Trees Pop (Dakota Sioux)
Moon of Ice (Celtic)
Storm Moon (English Medieval)

Here, tonight, I don’t know that I’ll call the moon by name, because there’s a heavy cloud cover and I will never see it.  But I’ll be mooning for it, this Valentine’s Day . . .

image:  Walt Kelly, Pogo, To the Moon

1 comment:

  1. always loved pogo!
    hadn't thought of it in years.
    oh little pogo. sometimes i didn't even understand it all.
    it lasted into my adulthood so then loved even more.
    just as i love calvin and hobbes.