Friday, February 21, 2014

Bassoon Concerto in B-flat Major

I have become utterly charmed by Mozart’s little homely bassoon concerto, which comforts me strangely (like sitting in a patch of sun, like seeing the beginning of spring buds greening oak branches on the bare trees on the hill) when I am shaken in my own being, as I have been the last few days for no particular reason. 

The version I love, having happened upon by chance, is by the Orchestre de la Camerata Academica du Mozarteum de Salzbourg.

Looking for an excerpt of it I can share with you, I find that the bassoonist is Rudolph Klepac, and that that is a recording from June 1956—my birth year and month!  Somehow we have found each other after all that time, the glad music and I.

image:  Carroll Bryant Legends:  Mozart

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