Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To Open a Window

Metaphorically or otherwise, it’s never too late to open a window . . .

I just read this morning that “Archaeologists helping restore Mingary Castle on Scotland's western coast have reopened a window that was sealed some 500 years ago.”

It’s never too early, either.

Open windows in January let in the sound of passing quails, of horses crossing up into the hills, of laundry spinning warmly in the dryer, of flute practice—a breath of reinvigorating air.

And as always, in any season, any year, there is Pierre Bonnard, the genius of the open window.

image:  Pierre Bonnard, The Open Window, VMFA/Mellon


  1. because of you . . .
    i have fallen in love with pierre bonnard.
    open windows.
    a most favoritiest thing in all the world!!!

  2. I'm always happy to share Bonnard. And, too, find open windows sheer heaven.