Friday, January 3, 2014

Tea Caravan

I’ve been daydreaming about starting a Tea Wagon, in a lovely portable shepherd's caravan like this.  Afternoon tea, scones, jams, tea sandwiches, savory tarts, spindly bright-colored café tables with full-blown roses in vases, or peonies, and napkins in the colors of Provence...  A portable bookshelf as well, from which customers can borrow light or philosophical reading, and sit lingering as long as they like.

The café tables—two or three inside, a couple on the porch (if a different caravan) with a big pot of rose geraniums, and three or four in the shade alongside it—will have matching slatted chairs.  Plates of Majolica (melamine) will match the Provence fabrics, or coyly contrast.

The teas will be made in little individual pots, and will include:
Spring Cherry Green
Apple Green
Ginger Tangerine Sencha
Snow Leopard White
Lavender White
Blueberry White
Vanilla Coconut White
Melon Oolong
Earl Gray
Cardamom Black
Monk’s Blend
Orange Marzipan Rooibos
Wild Cherry & Chili Rooibos
Yanabah Navajo
Peppermint Chocolate

One or two will be iced, each day, depending on the season or occasion, and served with lemon or fresh mint.

And with them will be offered three or four things like
tangelo buttermilk scones
savory cheese and scallion scones
buttermilk biscuits
chard and prosciutto tart
old fashioned blackberry crisp
egg salad tea sandwiches with herbes de Provence
sauteed mushroom butter and bacon tea sandwiches
cinnamon toast
jams and preserves
herb butter
Greek pine, fir, and thyme honeys
fresh figs and Mallorcan almonds
prosciutto and seasonal melon

I will park outside libraries, or under a redwood in some back-woodsy residential area; in places where there’s little hope of joy or romance, like in the parking lot of the new building in Redwood City, or of an assisted-living home.  Wherever there’s a need for a spot of color.


  1. and i will be your first customer.
    and i will stay and help wash up.
    and we could sit at one of the tables outside and discuss the day . . . and the wonderful crazy customers that were as enchanted by the tea caravan as you are. xo

  2. You shall have the best seat, Tammy J!