Friday, September 27, 2013


Things I would gather today:
  • a string of bright blue beads against the evil eye
  • some spicy Mayan hot chocolate in a chipped cup
  • a pack of mismatched dogs, to walk in Central Park
  • some favorite book, funny and wise
  • my twisted silver bracelet, like a length of silver rope
  • all my dear friends, to coddle, thank, and feed on pappardelle, porcini, berries in orange liqueur
  • my softest sweater, most worn blue jeans
  • my grandparents’ jar of glass marbles, to set in the windowsill
  • a whole embroidery of trails up gentle hills (green and white threads, like the unicorn tapestries)
  • kindness, hope

image:  An Affair with Italy, photographer Julie Adams

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