Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's Keeping Me from Having Space to Write

what’s keeping me from having space to write:

. a recipe for cheese, olive, and buttermilk herb bread
. a fine Italian wood frame, pistachio green
. a tube of icy glitter
. a pirate duck
. paper and fabric scraps for hundreds of collages
. purple glass seed beads

. three Malaysian stamps
. the calico chicken that used to stop my mother’s bedroom door
. iron filings
. Italian receipts
. a quail rubber stamp
. a photo of my father in his 20s in a cold northern river
. a pamphlet on vins de terroir
. handsomely spotted feathers, a bit rumpled
. piles of books on clearing clutter, clearing time

images:   Artist’s Table, The Urban Hippy
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  1. Something keeps me from having space to write too, but I wish it were as nice as the things you listed. They seem to come from some nice dreamworld. Good for you your part of it!
    Have a nice beginning of 2013!

  2. Of course I've carefully chosen only the most picturesque...