Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bittersweet Chocolate Day and a Horoscope

Hope you’ve been enjoying Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

While savoring my organic chocolate with crystallized orange peel, I’ve been enjoying this light-hearted horoscope for the week of January 10, and the description of various means of divination about which I had no inkling.  In turn I’ve been trying to use them to divine those secrets I’ve allegedly been concealing from myself.  (And, in turn, of course, from my faithful readers . . . )

"Studying the movements of the planets is my main way of discerning the hidden currents of fate. I sometimes supplement my investigations by reading Tarot cards and the Chinese "Book of Changes," also known as the I Ching. To arrive at your horoscope this week, I used all of the above as well as the following forms of prognostication: catoptromancy, which is divination by gazing into a mirror underwater; cyclomancy, or divination by watching a wheel that's turning; geloscopy, divination by listening to random laughter; and margaritomancy, divination by observing bouncing pearls. Here's what I found, Gemini: You now have the power to discern previously unfathomable patterns in a puzzling mystery you've been monitoring. You also have the ability to correctly surmise the covert agendas of allies and adversaries alike. Maybe best of all, you can discover certain secrets you've been concealing from yourself."

image:  Visconti tarot cards, Talia Felix

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