Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Traffic and Other Jams

Being stopped by these fine English sheep would cheer me immensely.  Quite a different experience from the usual snarls of my mornings and evenings, with a combination of dawdling Hondas hesitating at green lights ahead and ruthless SUVs roaring up impatiently behind.  Traffic is the perfect demonstration of how most people don't want to live in the moment.

Jam is "to press tightly" or "become wedged," (thank you Online Etymology Dictionary); my favorite apricot, olallieberry, and sour cherry jams, while not obviously connected to that, probably come from "to press fruit into a preserve."  So maybe traffic jams have the same happy result, and we will all end up flavorful and good with buttered toast!  I'll consider that next time I'm stopped by surly cars and feeling unduly wedged.

image:  Countryside is Great Britain

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