Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Huddle of Blue Boats

What could be calmer?

I've been having rough seas myself this week, and find my spirit greatly agitated.  I would love to be sitting in a blue boat, and learning—as I dreamed recently—to row.

Once I did know how to row, very inexpertly.  My father took me out on Wisconsin's Bone Lake when we were staying there one summer vacation, with my grandmother, in a wooden cottage where skunks lived under the porch.

This, then, instead of being in a boat, from "Poetry" by Billy Collins:

We are busy doing nothing—
and all we need for that is an afternoon,
a rowboat under a blue sky,

and maybe a man fishing from a stone bridge,
or, better still, nobody on that bridge at all.

image:   John Hair


  1. This is so very true.
    I wouldn't need the boat and the bridge either for that matter. Just a creek, a hill and, of course, the blue sky.
    Hope your seas are getting quieter and the waves turning into slow ripples.

  2. Thanks, Jay! I'm looking forward to five whole days next week with nothing but blue sky.