Friday, July 15, 2016

Me Still

"You have to keep breaking your heart
 until it opens."

I've got salmon marinating with rosemary, orange zest, and fennel seed, and have made a salad of wild rice and kale (another gift from the garden) to toss later with blueberries and pecans. 

For an easy, different kind of lunch I warmed some crusty rolls with Greek olives and herbes de Provence (Alexia brand) and made some little sandwiches with slices of provolone and summer tomatoes.

I'm craving pictures of gorgeous old roses.

I need these ordinary, life-affirming things especially now, all around me, to help me climb back to the light, to be not untouched by the tragedies unfolding everywhere, but unquelled, unquenched, me still.

Able to say to you, be of good heart.  Able to love life more, with your heart broken open.

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