Friday, September 4, 2015

Boyd Cochrell

Happy birthday to my favorite father, who would have been 95 years old today (and likely hating every moment), and would certainly not have approved my buying those purple petunias I've set next to the St. Francis bird bath against the back fence.  When he died, my mother bought purple pillows, in defiance, to assert her own preferences.  And I, defiantly, came to love cello and violin music, despite his scathing ridicule.

Much of that was put on—he was one of the most tolerant of men, and loved life and his family and friends.  Some of his favorite things:
The New Yorker
Tanqueray martinis
The Mikado
Paris and Rouen
double crostics
huckleberry pie
dark chocolate
Beethoven's Emperor Concerto
Dick Francis mysteries
Norwegian lefse with green chili instead of 
       white flour tortillas
New York
Strauss operas
sourdough pancakes
Yachats, Oregon
John Lee Hooker's I Ain't Got Nobody
huckleberry pie again

image:  Boyd Cochrell

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