Friday, August 7, 2015

Listing Ever So Slightly

My little horse fetish has come home from the office, where it kept watch on my working days, and now sits on my long table laden with collage bits, edited pages, Italian mug, luminous blue-green stone, and "fragile" stickers.  (The Zunis say the horse posesses healing powers, swiftness, strength.  I love its calm demeanor and its wabi-sabi texture.)

Today, instead of working, I am listing—and listing toward—the following:
. drinking Blue Bottle New Orleans iced coffee
. thinking impulsively about buying a telescope
. watching a baby jackrabbit cavorting with the quails
. revisiting a lot of favorite 70s music
. wanting to cultivate a sort of Noel Coward persona, with cigarette holders and satin dressing gowns
. returning to my sheep ("revenons aux moutons")

image:  Christie B. Cochrell, Horse Fetish

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