Monday, March 16, 2015

Tickled Pink (and Tawny Owl)

The colors of the day:
  • light golden brown—the color of the bottoms of the shortbread I have baked with citrus zest, Meyer lemon and orange
  • tawny owl—the color of Merlin’s owl, Archimedes, in The Sword in the Stone
  • burnt orange—the color of the cardigan, a generous calf-length, I give my heroine to cheer her rainy autumn day in Mallorca (and under it, a persimmon tunic)
  • planked cedar—the color of the wood of the new house with jauntily peaked roof being built in a high field of spring grasses between here and the market
  • blizzard white—the sheer white of a blizzard of almond or apple blossom
  • Tintern green—the color of the luscious rind of the chive flavored cheese I’m taking to coworkers tomorrow to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (to make up for the devil’s food Irish Cream trifle I am not after all making)
  • Amaretto chocolate—the rich deep fragrant brown of the glaze for the orange shortbread
  • tickled pink—the color I’m tickled to see an elderly couple on a downtown sidewalk, the wife with an armful of pug dog and the husband with an armful of orchids on leggy stems

image:  Folt Bolt

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