Saturday, November 8, 2014


. one black river stone
. the masses (Messa di Gloria) of the Luccan composers we’ve found
. the Baba Yetu we heard on Thursday, the Lord’s prayer sung in Swahili (a space in which to reflect and to be together)
. the lily broken off its stem, opening flamelike in the water glass—

—despite.  Despite its injury, despite our stress and having to fight for time off in busy days, despite the absence of river, or Lucca, or the rest.

Despite.  That is my word of hope for the morning, a word of such tremendous hope and quiet strength.

image:  I Require Art, Frits Thaulow (Norwegian, Impressionism, 1847-1906): Sunset on the Arques to Péquigny (Soleil couchant sur l'Arques à Péquigny). Oil on canvas. Musée des beaux-arts de Reims, France

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