Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Things I Am Grateful for Today

  • the gentle blessing of the still-moist bathroom air smelling of shampoo, soap, freshness, after a shower, as I enter in
  • the heartbreaking reminder of an old elephant’s tears
  • the morning quiet, after the threat of a big construction project at the synagogue next door
  • my new hand-made, hand-painted mug that traveled to me all the way from Italy
  • the purple flowers pressed into my notebook back in February, March, now at home on the stone table
  • citrusy Russian Earl Grey tea from Santa Fe
  • the good chicken I made last night with herbs and lemon slices and cherry tomatoes—now in season!
  • the long strand of glass beads, the green of a forest of northern Douglas fir
  • a colleague who goes out of his way to say thank you
  • the thought of Paris, its bridges and flowers and cheeses and book stalls

image:  Haven in Paris (My French Country Home)

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