Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Yes, And

I’m looking for the recipe for black-eyed peas given me by a southern daughter, for good new year’s luck, and am tempted by another in the Tassajara cookbook with ginger and smoked mozzarella.  Then off into the realms of possibility (and hunger), to thoughts of cracked crab (perhaps with lemon & basil vinaigrette, or lemon-pepper fettucini and a smidgen of minced prosciutto), of Cajun spiced shrimp remoulade or jambalaya (cooled by carrot soup with orange and chervil), or a different use of sausages—cassoulet.  Roasted vegetables with Satay peanut sauce?  Pan-fried haloumi?  My old favorite wild rice salad with watercress and chopped fresh herbs?  My usual quandry, but whatever I end up with, I know, will be delicious.

As for New Year’s Resolutions, seldom kept, I am going to try to change my instinctive response.  Typically cautious, my answer tends to be “Yes, but . . . “  Hedging my bets, tacking a gloomy conclusion onto an initially positive reaction.  Somewhere I read that saying “Yes, and . . . “ gives a more positive spin to things.  I see that it might open up whole realms of possibility that I don’t usually consider.  It may revolutionize my year!  Or at least open new doors—appropriate on the Day of Janus, the god of doors and gates and beginnings, who faces two ways, watches over the start of the new year.

Happy New Year!  Yes, and . . . happy last day of this one.  Another day to savor and enjoy, not least because it's last.  I’m off shopping, to get my black-eyed peas, and whatever seems right to accompany them.  I'll leave that door open too.

image:  The Two-headed God Janus, LiveLearNkTeach


  1. good lord girl.
    you NEED your own cooking show!!!
    rather . . . we need you to have one! LOL.
    last year i forgot the peas.
    and see what happened.
    so this year i have remembered.
    why tempt janus? when a little b.e. pea could make all the difference!
    happy new year christie. thank you for all the lovely light you write. ♥

  2. There's a fun new career for me—when do I start? Happy peas, and happy new year, Tammy J—I'm so grateful you are well after your scary 2013.