Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Letter to Myself

“Don’t let all of this go . . .”

A letter to myself from summer, setting down my intention from the mindfulness class.

“Don’t let it all reduce itself again . . . “

Keep checking in with myself every single day.  Take a friendly interest.  Bring by a covered bowl of vegetable soup, the carrots celery cabbage calmly chopped, the herbs making my fingers sing with their intensity, their purity of heart.  Go out to spend some time breathing.  Watch a small dog wagging itself silly—the perfect way to be.  On rainy days like this one, set a fire dancing on my big computer screen and read P.G. Wodehouse for a spacious humorous hour.  Make French press coffee; order pears by the dozens from Harry & David to cheer the coming weeks.  Invite friends out to lunch (Korean barbeque; hand-cut Italian pasta; chopped Beverley Hills salad at the quirky Stanford golf course—gorgeous old generous oaks holding court there above the world).  Plan for a desktop Christmas tree with lots of lights.  Listen to roots reggae or plainchant.

Don’t let it go, any of it.

image:  She Who Is


  1. well. i have to smile.
    to laugh really. i'll spare you the LOL that i seem to be in love with like a teeny bopper . . . ever since i discovered it! probably because i do laugh quite a lot. i find it very neat.
    but it dawns on me . .
    the reason i love your blog.
    i only THINK i'm authentic!
    the truth is that . . . every word i read of your posts i have this feeling i'm living vicariously through YOU! LOL.
    xo dear friend.
    charge on dear heart . . . through the thundering herd . . . sharing with us your quiet and amazing reflections of all the good things in this life.
    and maybe . . . just maybe . . . fall in love with a bull dog puppy? or rescue an older one? it would be perfect.

  2. Beginning this week of Thanksgiving—thank you for being you, and being here, dear Tammy J. Such kind words, though your joy in life is more than real and authentic, and I'm in awe of it. Be well, be happy, and keep up the joyous LOL.