Saturday, May 11, 2013

Being Listless

Being listless makes me want to make lists, to compensate.

things I notice on the way home on Friday:
  • an olive tree
  • bright cherry-red pants at bus stop
  • man selling flowers from his open trunk
  • tall scarlet poppies
  • clothes hung on the line in late sunlight

things that take my fancy in my present dull mood:
  • this lovely outdoor sink and flowered boots
  • rose, sweet orange, & geranium bathsalts
  • ampersands
  • papoutsakia:  Greek eggplant “slippers”
  • eggplants = “the garden egg”
  • the van de Wetering mysteries, long ago read

So now I’m listing to the left . . .

List, list, O list!  (says Hamlet)

images:  sink, Provence Mon Amour
ampersands, thebestremedi

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